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Food Runs in Our Family

El Bayú de Wela Sara, with its authentic "Taíno" Puerto Rican theme, was created by Chef Iram Ayala in the memory of his grandmother, Sara. She was the heart and soul of the family; making her home the center of every family reunion.


"WELA" stands for "ABUELA" (which means grandmother). It was "Wela Sara" who planted the seed that would through the years flourish to become Chef Ayala's passion for cooking. She would always say: "Aquí se cocina con mucho amor y cariño". These words became the key to motivating and inspiring Chef Ayala's traditional Puerto Rican cuisine, which brings truly authentic native flavors to the table and create an unforgettably remarkable culinary experience. 

Owner & Executive Chef

Iram Ayala


"Cocinar con mucho amor y cariño"

Born and raised in Caguas, Puerto Rico, Chef Ayala graduated from Culinary Arts in West Palm Beach, FL in 2003. Upon graduating, he worked for various 5 Diamond Hotels, such as St. Regis, Ritz Carlton, The Breakers Palm Beach, among others. 

His passion for authentic Puerto Rican cuisine led him to open up his very own restaurant, "El Bayú de Wela Sara", in September of 2018 at Hollywood FL's Farmers Market. His popularity quickly grew due to the savory traditional homemade variety. In addition, "El Bayú's" reputation and demand exploded thanks to Chef Ayala's invention of vegan and vegetarian Puerto Rican dish versions, which allowed vegetarian, vegans, and diabetic people that had never tasted Puerto Rican dishes before to partake and enjoy a genuine "boricua" gastronomical experience.

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